NRGkick your smart and mobile charging solution

The NRGkick is a smart and mobile charging solution for your electric or hybrid car. Using a patented adapter system, it is possible to charge your electric/hybrid vehicle at any type of outlet. Thus, it is possible to charge from 3kW – 22kW AC through the NRGkick!

The NRGkick features a smart software, it ensures that every charge is recorded. So you can request weekly or monthly charge reports through the free NRGkick app. In it, you can see exactly when, where and how much (kW) you loaded with your NRGkick. The NRGkick also has the ability to connect via OCPP. For example, you can link your charge card to your NRGkick, this allows you to work with “split billing.

Safety at NRGkick is divided into three areas: safety for the power grid, safety for the charging process and absolute safety for the operator.

Thanks to numerous protection measures such as the self-check before every charging start, a protective conductor check or even the Hot Unplug Protection, all prescribed safety standards are not only met, but far exceeded.

Patented Smart-Attachment click system

Adapter 32A – 5 POL

3 Phasig
32A max power
Load cap. 22 kW max.

Adapter 32A – 3 POL

1 Fasig
32A max power
Load cap. 7.4 kW max.

Adapter Type 2

3 Phasig
32A max power
Load cap. 22 kW max.

Adapter 16A – 5 POL

3 Phasig
16A max power
Load cap. 11 kW max.

Adapter 16A – 3 POL

1 Fasig
16A max power
Load cap. 3.7 kW max.

Schuko adapter

1 Fasig
13A max power
Load cap. 3 kW max.


Carrying bag

Convenient carrying case to transport the NRGkick and accompanying adapters

Stainless steel holder + lock

Protect your NRGkick from thieves!

Wall Socket

Instead of a free-access CEE outlet or expensive wall box:
install the NRGkick Wall Socket

NRGkick is the most innovative charging device on the market

  • Operation via touch-sensitive, water-tolerant surface
  • Haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Configurable push notifications/alerts
  • Protection against misconnected outlets
  • Phase shift detection

NRGkick is also the first ever mobile charger validated and certified by VDE and ÖVE; even the production itself is controlled by VDE and ÖVE!

Tel. +32 11 81 82 18

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