Charging everywhere 2.0

Finally available, the new NRGkick packed with new technical features and – smarter than ever!

A major advantage of the NRGkick charging unit is that it requires no more than a wall socket. So unlike wallboxes, complicated installations are not necessary, which saves a lot of time and money. The earth leakage protection for AC and DC residual currents, which otherwise would have to be installed separately, is also already built in. And of course, NRGkick has the full, maximum charging capacity of up to 22 kW and charges all electric vehicles with a type 2 interface, regardless of whether they are charged via 1-, 2- or 3-phase.

With NRGkick, you do not need to spend much time on planning and installation: NRGkick can be used immediately at any standard socket and also at public charging stations using the optionally available Type 2 Smart Attachment. No complicated installation – just plug it in and charge! This ensures that, for example, one can charge with a maximum of 16A with an NRGkick Smart Attachment.

NRGkick is the safest charging device on the market

  • Overheating protection => never again scorched sockets!
  • Hot-unplug detection with arc protection
  • Thermo-Protect temperature management
  • Temperature monitoring of all Smart Attachments on all phase pins and not only with household “Schuko” adapters
  • Double overheating protection for household plugs with monitoring of both pins
  • Autonomous load management
  • Blackout protection (protection against power failure)
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Absolute temperature resistance (-40 bis +70 °C), impact resistance IK10
  • And much more!
Download overview (.pdf)

NRGkick is the most intelligent charger on the market

  • Connection via Bluetooth & WiFi, optional GSM/GPS, integrated SIM
  • Free NRGkick App
  • NRGkick Cloud access
  • Web API interface
  • Ready for grid-connected charging
  • Scheduled charging with charging plans
  • Locally assignable charging reports
  • Updateable via OTA updates
  • Upgradeable: Download new features via NRGkick App!
  • Additional functions available at any time via app-upgrade, such as communication via OCPP!
  • Available soon: photovoltaic guided charging with phase transition, fleet management, extended charge management,…
Download overview (.pdf)

NRGkick is the most innovative charging device on the market

  • Operation via touch-sensitive, water-tolerant surface
  • Haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Configurable push notifications/warnings
  • Protection against incorrectly connected sockets
  • Phase shift detection

NRGkick is also the first mobile charger ever to be validated and certified by VDE and ÖVE; even the production itself is controlled by VDE and ÖVE!

Download overview (.pdf)

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