Since July 2020, Euroquip has a subsidiary named EV-quip. EV-quip markets the NRGkick, a mobile charging station to charge electric cars in a fast, safe and user-friendly way at the customer’s home and/or office.

At Euroquip, your industrial processes always come first. Euroquip specializes in: lubrication systems – weighing systems – pump systems – filter systems – generators – hand tools. Through their technical services, Euroquip ensures that your business activities run optimally, with the least possible risk of downtime. This way, your operational safety is guaranteed. Euroquip is the official main importer for SKF-Lincoln, Gespasa, FreshFilter, Ecodora and VEI in the Benelux.

A comparison with other webshops

Not every webshop is safe, why is EV-quip reliable?

EV-quip is not a web-only distributor. Our main office is located in Pelt, Limburg (B). Do you prefer not to buy through the internet? Then you can also come and pick up the NRGkick at our shop, see “Pick up possibilities”.

Urgently need your NRGkick charging cable? Just come and pick it up! We are happy to make an appointment with you by phone or by e-mail to help you as quickly as possible. We are also at your service in case of problems.

We strive for fast shipping, items are usually in stock in our warehouse, but this stock can of course quickly decrease. Always contact us if you need the NRGkick quickly, that way we can reserve it for you.

Are you left with any questions? Besides contacting us by e-mail, you can always call us during office hours at +32(0)11 81 82 18. This way we will always try to give you the best possible service.

EV-quip is the main distributor of the NRGkick charging cable. We are in direct contact with the manufacturer so we can help you as quickly as possible with any questions, deliveries or problems.

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  • +32 11 81 82 18