A car charging cable with smart software?

When ‘smart charging’ a vehicle, the charger ‘communicates’, as it were, with your car via a data connection. In other words, the moment you connect your EV, the charger automatically sends important data to optimise charging.

How does smart charging work in practice?

Smart charging is about connecting charging points with users and operators. Every time an EV is connected, the charging station sends information (i.e. charging time, speed, etc.) via WIFI, SIM or bluetooth to a centralised platform in the Cloud. Additional data can also be sent to the Cloud. This additional information may include, for example, the amount of energy currently being used at the charging location. This data is automatically analysed and visualised in real-time by the software behind the platform. This can then be used to make automatic decisions about how and when to charge EVs.

This allows charging managers to easily monitor and regulate energy consumption remotely(!) through one platform, website or application. And there are more features and benefits available. EV owners, for example, can use a mobile application to monitor their charging sessions from any location at any time. This also makes it possible for employers to request charging reports. These charging reports can be used to reimburse the employee for the electricity charged at home.

Our NRGkick charging cable is equipped with this smart software. Via the NRGkick app (available in apple and Google store), you can observe the information about your charging districts. The app also has various other functions, such as time-controlled charging, setting the charging current remotely, stopping the charging process, etc. The NRGkick is also compatible with OCPP and can therefore be linked to a charging card.

More information about how these different functions work? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.