Why choose a mobile charging station?

Why is it smart for many people to choose a mobile charging station? Can I charge as quickly as with a fixed charging station? Is it possible to keep track of my charging sessions? How does this work? And above all: Is it safe to use a mobile charging station to charge my electric car?

In short, there are still a lot of questions about charging an electric vehicle…

Can you charge as quickly with a mobile charging station as with a fixed charging station?

Yes, it is possible to charge up to 22 kW with the NRGkick. This is just as fast as a fixed charging station at home. Of course it is a ‘must’ to have a sufficient power supply at the place of charging. For this you need at least a 3x32A meter connection. First check whether your car can charge at all at 22kW. Most cars currently only go up to a maximum of 11kW.

Is it possible to keep track of charging sessions to get a refund of electricity?

Of course, the NRGkick is compatible with OCPP. This is the ‘Open Charge Point Protocol’ and serves as communication between charging stations and electric vehicles. So it is possible to work with a charge card to settle the refund. The NRGkick also has the ability to obtain charging reports itself via an app. In the NRGkick app, you need to create an account and determine whether you want a weekly or monthly report of your charging events. This is then simply forwarded as a CVS/PDF file to your chosen email address.

Is it safe to charge my electric vehicle with a mobile charger?

The NRGkick is one of the safest charging solutions on the market. It will first perform a self-check when plugged into the power point to make sure its own safety functions are all still working and that the power point is safe enough. This mobile charging solution is also IP67 which means it is perfectly possible to leave the cable outside. The mandatory AC, DC + 6mA residual current protection is built into the cable itself and therefore does not need to be installed. There is temperature monitoring on all adapters. So the NRGkick will reduce its amps as soon as it gets too hot. Finally, the NRGkick is VDE and ÖVE certified and CE compliant.

Charging with a mobile charging station such as the NRGkick therefore has only advantages. It is fast (22kW), a refund of electricity is possible and it is very safe. In addition, a mobile charging station does not have to be fixed to a wall or pole. So if you are moving house or have a rented house, there is no problem. For a company this also has nothing but advantages, because is the employee leaving or moving? The NRGkick can simply go with them!