It is very easy to provide a charging solution at home, nothing is better than driving away with a full battery at the start of the day. And you can be sure of your own charging spot. But do you need a charging card for this?

Charging without a charging card:

You can set your charging station so that you do not need a card to start charging. However, this does allow other people to plug in their cable and start charging at your expense. You can easily solve this with a key switch. You can switch the power on/off via a key or remote bidirection. The convenience serves the man!

Charging with the use of a charging card:

You can also set your charging station so that you need a charging card to start charging. In this case, the charging process works in the same way as public charging. You then have several advantages:

Security: You can set who is allowed to use the charge point and thus prevent others from using your power.
Registration: consumption is registered via the charging card, so you know exactly how many kWh you are charging.

Charging with the NRGkick:

If you charge your car with the NRGkick, there is no difference. If you choose to charge without a charging card, you can still generate charging reports via your Cloud account. These reports are sent weekly/monthly to a selected e-mail address. This is done in PDF or CSV format. If you drive a company car, you can use this to reimburse your electricity costs. If you prefer to work with a charging card, we can integrate this into the NRGkick so that you can monitor all your charging sessions on one platform.